With Just 6 simple yes/no questions we will be able to tell you which
of the digicash services would benefit your business the most

Do you wait for your customers to pay you (as opposed to collecting it from them directly?)

Most businesses are used to relying on staff to follow up and reconcile with customers. If this describes your business, our debit order collection service will reduce admin and improve your cashflow.

Do you regularly invoice businesses?

If you invoice the same customers month after month, consider implementing a direct debit order collection system. Simply ask your customers to complete a debit order mandate and we’ll take care of the rest.

Do you regularly or ever invoice individuals in their personal capacity?

Delayed payment and bad debt is a common occurrence for businesses in the B2C sector. But did you know that you can use our NAEDO(or smart-debit) service to check your customers’ bank balances and implement a debit order to collect your dues as soon as they have sufficient available funds?

Do you have a staff contingent of more than 10 people?

Staff means salary payments. Do you know how much you're paying PER salary payout? We think you'll be surprised. Not only will we take the payment hassles away, but our low fees will help you cut your bank charges.

Does your business provide its product before it does the invoicing?

A lot of businesses provide a product upfront and before they are paid. Fortunately we live in a society where we can generally count on getting paid. There are some small processes – such as our account verification service - which can be added to your invoicing procedure which will radically reduce the chances of fraudulent transactions.

Do you feel that your cashflow can be optimised in any way?

Cash flow is the most important part of any businesses. Did you know that even profitable businesses go bankrupt because of bad cash flow? If you're 100% happy with your cash flow, congratulations, you've accomplished something incredible. If you feel as though there's still some room for improvement, even if it's to become 110% happy, talk to us. Our debit orders and payment solutions will help improve your cash flow.