Mobile payments and how to accept them

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Mobile payments can’t even be described as the next big trend, because they are happening right now. We appear to be heading towards society which chooses mobile payment over cash.

Nearly a third of all online sales were made over mobile devices between November 2013 and January 2014.

You don’t want your business to be losing out on those sales, so it would be good to optimise your payments methods to accept m-payments. There are numerous secure ways you can go about this.

SnapScan is a South African service connected to user’s bank accounts. SnapScan is free for users to download. Users can then make purchases simply by scanning a barcode, entering an amount and keying in a four-digit code. Make sure you business is SnapScan enabled as you will show up on the app’s Merchant Finder feature.

Google Wallet lets you accept payments both online and in-store. You can link your loyalty programmes and Google Offers to your Google Wallet merchant account, so your customers can cash in rewards with their smartphones. Transaction fees for Google Wallet start at 1.9 percent, but are free if you have an online payment-processing service you want to integrate with Google Wallet.

PayPal Here  Your customers can pay directly from their mobile PayPal accounts, allowing you much adaptability. The transaction fee is 2.7 percent but there are no additional setup or monthly costs. PayPal has been one of the leaders in mobile and online payments, so you can count on PayPal Here being secure, convenient and effective.

Digicash believes that mobile payment technology is going to become more and more important. Most of us are permanently attached to our smartphones, and these payments offer you and your business an easy solution to manage payments and debit orders.

Don’t wait too long to make use of this trend which is here to stay.