Managing cashflow the core of any business

One of the greatest obstacles faced by any business owner is the management of cashflow.

No matter how well a business may appear to be performing on the surface, failure to control the amount of cash generated and utilised in a given period can easily lead to its downfall.

The fact is that businesses face enormous pressures that can have a marked impact on how they are run. Factors such as competing interests, shrinking and expanding markets and the country’s socio-economic standing all conspire to present challenges that constantly require a company to be at the peak of its powers.

In this cauldron of uncertainty, it is imperative that cashflow is managed correctly.

The key is to identify what expenses need to be covered and when. Establishing growth targets can only be prioritised once successful management of monthly overheads as well as an effective understanding of a customer’s payment history has been achieved.

Setting up concise, timeous payment plans for customers while simultaneously ensuring that one’s own financial commitments are met will ensure a healthy cashflow, which in turn will lay the perfect foundation for exponential growth.

At DigiCash, we are determined to help your business achieve that perfect balance through our outstanding debit orders and EFT payment solutions.

The world is moving fast, and increasingly businesses are seeking out new and innovative ways to streamline their operations so that they are free to get on with the business of business.

Thanks to technological advances in the digital space, businesses are now able to make use of electronic mechanisms to safely and securely manage their cashflow, removing the concerns that traditionally have hampered their progress.

Waiting for customers to pay you has always been a point of contention, but thanks to Digicash’s debit order collections service, staff will no longer spend valuable time reconciling outstanding accounts.

In addition, paying staff has never been easier with our PayAccyss system, which not only allows all employees to be paid on the same day, but our low fees will dramatically cut bank charges.

Thanks to services such as these, it is inevitable that cashflow will be improved and a business can flourish well into the future.