Make your business more secure with tips from Digicash

To do well in business, owners need to know how to protect their company. Here are some suggestions from Digicash on how to do just that.

There are multiple ways we can make a loss which we must prevent. Some of these could be done by other people or by ourselves through ignorance. Once we know what is happening, we can prevent it from occurring.


Identity theft

We are able to gain access to our bank accounts and documents through pins and passwords. These need to be protected.

Identity theft often happens because of carelessness in protecting our possessions. Make sure to keep all documents safe and keep only the minimum with you. Keep the rest in a safe place to ensure your identity is kept secure.


Employee deception

Problems in your security could also be internal. Employees could be doing damage to the business, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Both require you, as the business owner, to respond.

Unintentionally, he could be incompetent and cost the business by being lazy and underperforming.

He could also be purposefully hurting the business. He could, perhaps, be using funds that are going into some kind of automatic order, like a NAEDO (or non-authenticated early debit orders) or other kinds of collections.

In smaller ways, he could be stealing petty cash or equipment you wouldn’t easily notice are missing.   

It is important to carefully check the people you are intending to hire before doing so. Check for previous brushes with the law, long gaps of unexplained unemployment and financial problems.


Business Fraud

Other businesses could also be a massive security risk. Businesses don’t exist in a vacuum but are dependent on each other for mutual survival and growth.

It is recommended you only choose to work with reliable businesses, even if they cost more, as there is a greater chance you won’t be cheated. Always check how they handle private documentation and confidential information.
These are some suggestions to help you prevent theft and loss. By knowing what is possible, we can better prepare ourselves.