Knowledge is your first line of protection against scams

Security is an on-going concern, as the back and forth between those who want to protect their goods try outsmart those who want to take it. And with the march of progress comes the improvement of security designs – but that all is irrelevant if we don’t have the first barrier of protection: knowledge.

One of the best ways we can prepare is to know about scams that are occurring.

For example, Cape Town apparently played host to an international scam that targeted women around the world. The scam involves befriending women online through dating sites and obtaining money from them.

As IOL reported: “According to papers filed at the High Court here, suggestions are that the syndicate has operated since 2011 – and that more than R5m has been deposited into five Absa Bank accounts linked to it by women worldwide.”

It’s not just credit card details and other important private information, that we must worry about; taking our identity means thieves could commit all sorts of thefts without our knowledge and gain access to all sorts of goods we have.

It’s important then to rely on tried and trusted sites and services, where your finances will be managed effectively, securely and with your full knowledge of every movement. For example, using Digicash’s Smart Debit Solution, you have real time feedback via a series of reports; this can track everything from successful payment to unpaid transactions. By giving you this information power, you can better manage your finances and therefore the security of the finances.