If you haven’t switched to a bulk payment solution for salaries yet, why not?

Taking care of admin is that one business function everyone loves to hate. But, it needs to get done. One admin task on every business owner’s list is paying salaries. It’s a seemingly simple job, but it could take hours out of the day if done manually.

The good news is that there is a way to automate salary and wage payments. It’s bulk EFT pay-outs and many business owners who have made the swop, can’t imagine doing their monthly salaries any other way.

It just makes sense:

Fast payments

With a bulk pay-out solution, you don’t have to process each salary individually. The salaries for your entire staff contingent happens at once via EFT payments. You simply log all your employees onto the system, and then payment happens at the push of a button. It’s quick and simple.

Cost effective

Running multiple payment transactions with your bank can become expensive. This is especially true if you employ many people. But with a bulk pay-out solution, you cover many employees with one transaction.


Bulk pay-out systems use sophisticated security software, ensuring that business information are protected against intrusion and theft. Look out for the use of Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) that ensures all data is encrypted. Additionally, ensure that all transactions happen over secure and private connections, so that your data remains safe at all stages of the process.


You’ll have access to an easy-to-use user interface from where you can log into the system and easily make adjustments to your employees’ salaries at any time.

The end result of all of this is that more time is freed up to spend on other areas of the business. Why don’t you see if there are more admin tasks you can automate to make even more time available on a daily and monthly basis?