Debit Order Collection Case Study – Security Company

In October 2012, a well-established security company appointed DigiCash to collect regular monthly subscription payments from the residential customers who made use of its alarm monitoring and armed response service.

The company fully understood the benefits of automated payment collections, having previously used another debit order collection company to gather monthly fees from its customers. However, after a number of disruptive incidents, including late pay outs, they switched service providers.

In one case, an incorrect reconciliation by the previous debit order collections outfit resulted in the security company being mistakenly told that a group of customers’ payments had bounced. The security company’s accounts department then chased the customers in question who offered a different set of events and were able to display evidence of the correct amounts being paid at the right time. This resulted in some customers losing confidence in the company’s ability to deliver what is a critical, life-depending service.

CEO Jan Erasmus said that the switch from the previous service provider to DigiCash was much more straightforward than they had anticipated:

“DigiCash provided us with amazing support during the change over and, in the time they have been looking after our business, I’m pleased to say that we haven’t had a single incident. Not only are they providing us with much better customer service – and making sure we get our paid out on time – but their fees are actually lower than the last company’s. “