Debit Order Collection Case Study – Hosting Company

Rogerwilco maintains and hosts websites for hundreds of clients scattered across South Africa.

Most clients pay a fixed monthly fee for their hosting service – in some instances this is a few hundred rand, in others it’s a few thousand.

As Rogerwilco grew and signed up more clients, the process of collecting cash became time consuming, inefficient and frustrating according to Rogerwilco co-owner, Charlie Stewart:

“Each month we’d spend hours creating and manually submitting invoices. When the time came to reconcile payments we’d find many clients who hadn’t paid. For the vast majority this was an oversight – bills had arrived when they weren’t at their desks, they’d been mislaid or simply forgotten about.”

Stewart says that a quick phone call generally sorted out payment. But for Rogerwilco, making a few dozen ‘quick’ phone calls wasn’t actually that quick.

“What’s more, it was awkward – and in some cases downright embarrassing – for both us and our clients that we had to chase our money,” he continued.

“After we implemented an automated debit order collections system not only did our cash flow improve as debts were paid on time, but we also saved a huge amount of valuable management time that we were able to put to better use elsewhere in the business.”