The last thing you want to do is be late on your credit card payments. Even if it was a mistake, you’ll incur late fees, be charged interest on those late fees, and you might even see your interest rate go up.

We’re a good way into the 21st century. How automated is your business already?

Here’s a few ideas from Digicash on how to put your business on auto pilot and cruise with increased efficiency and productivity.

Any entrepreneur will tell you that starting a new business is stressful. Failing is incredibly easy, especially if it’s a first attempt. Luckily, making a success of a new business doesn’t have to be hard.

People are spending more money in more places, more of the time, and it’s all thanks to the convenience of credit cards. No longer do we need to carry a lot of cash on us and worry that we might lose it.

Cash flow management involves making sure the difference between your outflow (expenses) and your inflow (profits) allows your business to grow.

This process sounds like it should be simple, but that often is not the case.