Digicash Security

Securing your debit order transactions

Entrusting a third party supplier with your money isn’t a decision that many businesses take lightly. Which is why at DigiCash we take internet security extremely seriously.

The secure customer area of our website uses the HTTP secure protocol to safeguard your data – when you log in to the members’ area to view your debit order collections status or upload a new EFT payments schedule you’ll notice the little padlock that appears in the website address area of your browser.

We have been vetted by Thawte who issued us with a security certificate following a stringent audit.  This ensures that when you enter the members’ zone, a series of multi-dimensional security checks take place.

Initially, you’ll be asked to present tri-factor authentication with a username, a password and a PIN. These inputs are then measured against authentication details we hold for you in an encrypted database on our server.
Once you have gained access to our servers, algorithms are used to encode and decrypt data entered to hide and protect your sensitive information.

When we communicate with the banks to submit debit order requests and load transactions to your account we make use of secure socket layer (SSL) and transport later security (TSL) encryption. SSL and TSL are cryptographic tools that work in conjunction with one another. Their purpose is to ensure that your private information is encoded in such a way that only the trusted server that we are communicating with can decode and read the information.

In the event that you believe your username has been compromised – this could be because you have shared it with someone or an employee who had access to the members’ zone has left – we are able to curtail their rights remotely.