Digicash Industry Affiliation

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Industry certified debit order collection processes

DigiCash is registered with all relevant payment associations in South Africa, including the Payments Assosciation of South Africa (PASA).

PASA is the South African association elected by the South African Reserve Bank to manage and regulate all payments and collections made in the country. Their mandate covers debit order collections, EFT pay outs and credit card payment gateway transactions.
In order to maintain our membership with PASA, DigiCash has to adhere to several conditions, including:

•    Adhering to collection laws,
•    Ensuring that all of our customers have mandates to collect from their
•    Reacting immediately to any disputed collections.

Our membership of PASA is further evidence of our desire to bring the highest standards of service and accountability to our business practices.

PASA was formally recognised by the South African Reserve Bank as a payment system management body in terms of the National Payment Systems Act in October 1998 and its goal is ensure that the South African payments environment operates to world class standards. 

PASA achieves this by requiring members to align with the SARB’s NPS policies and principles and implementing infrastructure and processes that deliver interoperability and innovation; efficiency and transparency; flexibility; and legitimacy and certainty for participants. 
Additionally DigiCash are members of: 

•    ASO (Associated System Operators)
•    PSSF (Payment System Stakeholder Forum)