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Digicash Has Moved Over R9 billion For Our Clients
R 9,511,071,695
And counting...

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No admin while you control your cash flow:

Effective cash flow is the key to your business, and managing it can be a trying experience when clients do not pay on time. That’s why our online debit order system is perfect for enabling you to take control of your cash flow. Not only can you learn which clients pay on time and who you need to be chasing for payment, but it is tailored to suit the urgency of the funds that need to be collected.

Query your debtors’ bank account until you’re paid:

The Non Authenticated Early Debit Order, what we refer to as a “Smart Debit Order”, makes sure there are sufficient funds in a client’s account before collecting. Whereas a normal debit order will either collect or fail to collect the funds, Smart Debit Orders keeps checking back – guaranteeing that you are paid.

Save money and ensure synchronised payouts:

Overseeing payment of staff and suppliers is integral to business operations, but can be very time consuming. What you may not realise is that it can be time consuming and costly as well, which is why we are committed to helping you save thousands of rand with our EFT Payout Solutions.

Ensure your client information is correct:

All successful businesses are built on trust, and that is why our Account Verification Service (AVS) connects to all major banks to ensure the information your client provides is correct and you can rest assured that occurrence of failed debit order collections will be kept to a minimum.

Save up to 70% by eliminating unnecessary bank fees.
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DigiCash is proud to announce that we have been nominated as one of the top 20 finalists for PWC Vision to Reality Awards.

Security is an on-going concern, as the back and forth between those who want to protect their goods try outsmart those who want to take it.

In October 2012, a well-established security company appointed DigiCash to collect regular monthly subscription payments from the residential customers who made use of its alarm monitoring and armed response service.

Once you’ve started a business there are many hurdles new owners must overcome. It is often surprising to new businesses owners how difficult, complicated and frustrating collecting money from debtors can be.

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